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Donna Los Gatos, CA

Kristin's masterful evaluation of my son's difficulties with study habits & test taking enabled her to pinpoint exactly what was needed for him to progress.
She developed strategies to block distractions & increase organization, allowing him to access his knowledge in a stressful environment.
Kristin's caring & patient approach has my son on a pathway to success.
He now possesses the confidence in his ability to demonstrate his command of complex material.
I cannot thank Kristin enough, or recommend her more highly.

Craig San Jose, CA

Five years ago I had a major accident resulting in severe head trauma. I was out of work for several months. Two years ago I had a right-side Ischemic stroke. It was within 24 hours of my stroke that I met Kristin. I was frustrated with my new situation and physical limitations, but I was more concerned with the severity of my loss of cognitive ability. Kristin designed a program to both challenge and reassure me. Eventually, I was able to understand how to cope with things that I would not even recognized as issues had it not been for Kristin's work. I returned to work and faced new challenges.  With Kristin's help I am back to work full time. I have been the top producer for the last two years, and was just promoted to VP of Sales. There is no way I could have done what I have done over the last two years without Kristin's help.  

Grant Los Gatos, CA

Kristin truly helped give me the skills I needed to succeed academically. The organizational skills and study habits Kristin developed for me when I was in Middle School have been utilized through High School, College, and into my medical training.  I can’t thank Kristin enough.

Fletcher Los Gatos, CA

Kristin helped me to get organized and develop a system that worked for me. I am very thankful for her help, my job is easier now. 

Kate Los Gatos, CA

I experienced a left subarachnoid hemorrhage along with a concussion.  Both problems created problems with executive functioning skills impacting cognitive areas involving memory, focus and organization.  This created immediate problems for me as a person who had oversight of 50+ global projects that required multiple meetings along with delivery outputs with fierce deadlines.  Through Kristin’s care she enabled me to slow down my thought processes, focus on content and assure notes were organized/taken for every conversation so that I wouldn’t get easily confused.  Kristin is such a professional and knowledgeable person.  She learns how you function and builds her treatment game plan based on your individualistic needs.  This in turn helps you achieve success in the area(s) that may not have been functioning at its best prior to her help.  I highly recommend Kristin whether your need is basic or more compicated—she is persistent and will help you achieve a positive outcome!