My Philosophy:

I believe everyone can achieve their goals if they have the knowledge on how their brain works and incorporate the most effective strategies. Every  person’s brain is as unique as their fingerprint. Knowing your particular cognitive patterns can change the way you approach every task you undertake in your day. Every part of you is integrated in to what you do every day. Each person’s success depends on integrating all the elements involved in cognition with career/school, social-emotional, medical conditions, health/well being.

My Background

I have a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences with specific emphasis on neurology. I was trained in the principals of Communication and then focused on the neurological implications when communication breaks down for individuals. My specialty has been Cognition and all aspects of Executive Functioning, Attention and Memory for adolescents and adults to function in every day life. I have launched, managed and operated brain injury rehabilitation programs working with the California State Assembly, the Department of Rehabilitation and various corporate and non-profit agencies to increase successful transitions for adults returning to work. For the past 7 years, I have specialized in working with young adults with ADHD helping them to achieve goals such as successful functioning and development in high school, preparing for college applications and transitioning to adulthood for college and career. Additionally, I have concentrated on the implications of the aging brain helping clients focus on how to continue to perform at a high level professionally. Lastly, I have coached many young professionals to learn effective communication, branding and organizational strategies to successfully build their careers.