Cognitive Performance












Need Coaching?

Do you:

  • Have trouble keeping up at work or school?
  • Have declining professional skills you can't pinpoint the cause?
  • Feel overwhelmed with the pace and can't keep up?
  • Avoid tasks that you are able to do or procrastinate those you don't want to do?
  • Have difficulty concentrating during meetings or class?
  • Have difficulty recalling information from calls, meetings, lectures or reading?
  • Find yourself losing your cool or reacting more harshly than the situation calls for? 
  • Have a big presentation coming up but can't organize what to say and how to say it?
  • Feel stressed and find yourself waking up at night thinking about all you have to do only to find you can't recall any of it the next day?
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Customized Program

Your  communication skills and cognitive functioning are not a "one size fits all." I provide customized programs designed specifically to your strengths and challenges. Instead of plugging you in to one my programs, I meet you where you are, assess your skills as an individual and then provide the specific strategies to implement immediately.  I offer true customization from start to finish to help you succeed. My background in Communication Sciences, Neurology and Cognition allows for deeper understanding of you as an individual. I use best practice standards to design a program with scientific, brain based research to achieve goals quickly and efficiently. 

Program Delivery in your Office/Home

We work collaboratively together in your office or home to maximize progress and minimize stress. We are looking to "generalize" or "carry over" the skills you learn to improve functioning in your real life, not an artificial environment that doesn't relate to your world. 

Less Talk - More Action

We don't just talk about your challenges and areas of growth. I provide practical education and strategies that change behavior and provide immediate results. 

Monitoring Progress

Performance goals are reviewed in weekly intervals, adjusting strategies as needed. We work collaboratively determining goals, setting them and reaching them with real, functional life tasks. 

Dynamic Coaching

Achieve your professional and personal effectiveness goals.

20+ year experience with a Master of Arts Degree in Communication Sciences specializing in Neurocognitive functioning.